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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July Anarchy Released!

Hey everyone, JM Scion's NWN1 module "July Anarchy - Prologue" has been released. I'm playing one of the characters in this mod (through voice-acting) and his name is Dr. Ghone and he should be encountered in the Medic Tent somewhere close to the beginning.

I've not managed to play it yet since the mod seems to be missing a couple of files but you can prepare downloading the various files if you'd like to play it later. Find it here! I've asked him to check it out so I think it should be playable pretty soon.

You'll need the latest version of CEP and d20 Modern 2.0 in order to play.

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Jimmy said...

Niiiice. Will get it right away! Love nwn 1!

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