Author Status (Retired from NWN but makes Animated Short-Stories on Youtube):

The Creator of "Surviving Horror 1 & 2", "Calm before the Storm" and "A New Journey Begins" for NWN1 and "Berra's Estate of Horrors" for the "Halloween" NWN2 module.

You can find all of my Neverwinternights Adventures below to your Right! Download, enjoy and vote if you feel like it. :)

Birger is not making Neverwinternights Mods anymore; instead he's going to start releasing animated short-movies on his Youtube Channel Bright Bear Tales.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Samhain's Got 100 DOWNLOADS!

My latest short-mod, also a Halloween mod for 2009; Samhain's Eve is close to recieve 100 downloads! As I am typing this the mod-file has gained 94 downloads. Be sure to keep those downloads coming! ;P

But man ... I'm disappointed that it has only gotten 4 votes so far. Maaaaan -- gimme your votes! Me needs them! :P

But seriously ... I really think people should vote more. By voting you show the author that you appriciate his/her work and it is actually the ONLY reward we get (apart from downloads, then).

And I mean ... it takes probably just, like, ONE MINUTE to vote. And it usally takes hours and hours ... and sometimes even YEARS of an author's life to create these mods for you to download ... for FREE. Show em' some apprication guys!

You'll most likely spur those authors to create even better mods next time they release something if you lend them your votes ... as a matter of fact, I can tell you that as a fact. ;)

Berra out.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Origins of the Dragon ...

Hey everyone. I downloaded and bought Bioware's latest RPG Dragon Age through Steam a couple of days ago. I haven't played it yet and don't know when I'll find the time to since I have a bunch of games that I'd like to finish off first BUT -- at least I own it now. :)

I think this game will open up a new modding-community similar to the one we now have at the nwvault and soon we'll hopefully be seeing some really nice looking modules coming out for us to download. It think we have an awesome time ahead of us people! :P

If you've played the game and like to give me and my readers your view of the story/gameplay feel free to let us know! Just NO SPOILERS, OK?

Berra out.

Monday, November 9, 2009

LeslieMS is a Dialog-Horror Queen!

Just uploaded version 2.6 for Surviving Horror 2 and version 2.2 for Surviving Horror 1 with both featuring COMPLETE DIALOG-REVAMPS made by our new Dialog-Horror Queen called "LeslieMS".

Be sure to give my two horror-mods another go! The dialog feels a lot fresher this time around. :)

Thanks for all your help Leslie (and sorry for the late upload)! :)

**UPDATE (2009-11-10):

AND PEOPLE: If you haven't already (shame on you), download my latest short-mod called "Samhain's Eve". It's a halloween module that I think you'll find very appealing.

Berra out.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Samhain's Eve!

Hey everyone! I've just uploaded my latest module. A module to celebrate Halloween 2009! It's called "Samhain's Eve" and should be played with a 10th level character. It's not been completely uploaded yet but once it's up you'll find it HERE.

I've not uploaded the spelling fixes for the SH-series yet (sorry LeslieMS) but I will try doing so soon.

That's all for now folks!

Berra out.