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Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Surviving Horror 2-Update (SOON)

Hey everyone!
Anyone who enjoyed my NWN1 module "Surviving Horror 2" will have a really good reason to replay it pretty soon and those who hasn't played it yet now has a couple of more awesome reasons to finally get to it!

The new update, called v.2.5, will include completely new and original portraits for all the main characters. This includes the henchmen and a certain dark character. All portraits were made by my pal the awesome artist Archon. The creator of many of other artwork for my modules and the creator of the graphic novel Dark Sun's Glare.

The update will also include ninjaweaselman's new romantic animations for both romance interests.

The only minor crux about the animations above is that you have to play certain races depending on the character you're interested in. Otherwise the animations won't work as they're supposed to. For Jina you'll have to be human or half-elf and for Frogrin you'll have to be a ... yeah you guessed it ... a cow! Heh ... no seriously ... you have to be a halfling. ;)

The update has not been released yet but keep your eyes open! This is the first place I'll let you all know about it's release.

Berra out.