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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Halloween 2008 COMPLETED! Finally.

Hey everyone! I just finally completely completed the Halloween 2008 Collaboration-Mod for NWN2!

I voted quite awhile ago since I knew what my score would be anyway (perfect 10.00!!!) since it's such an awesome piece of work with so many different author thus giving it a very special feel. But at the time I had still a couple of houses left ... since man, there's like 30+ houses there! :D Below are some examples of the ones I really liked:

I loved the Elysian Manor. It had that perfect unsettling isolation-horror atmoshpere to it and even in NWN2 ... it manages to put in some really good "scare-ya"-effects as well! Like for example ... well, I won't give a direct example, it's better if you play it yourself. :) But these scenes are pretty up close and personally, that much can I say. :D

BlackRain Software's house was REALLY AWESOME! It's a tribute to the first Resident Evil game for Playstation 1! Since I'm such a complete RE-fan, I truly loved every minute of it and it feels stunning that they've even managed to create this stuff in NWN2! :D Just this house alone is worth a 10.00-score.

Chaos Wielder's house was also really awesome. It had a really thick atmoshpere and you were really expecting something to pop up around the corner every minute while you were walking around the house ... and the finalé was just simply awesome. That truly put everything on it's edge. Good work!

Eguintir Eligard house was, to begin with a very nice house. You decide to stay there for the evening since there's a storm outside ... and it begins as a normal sleep-over ... but eventually turns into a horrific murder-mystery. It was really dramatic work.

Jonny Ree & Liso's house was really cool. It had a very interesting plot-twist right at the beginning that you could't possibly have even thought about! :D Colorful demons, I gotta say. ;) And the custom content is so spot-on that I ... well, I just don't know how they do it but Jonny sure is one of the best model-making men in NWN2 right now.

I liked a lot about the other houses as well but I won't go into more detail since this post is getting pretty long as it is. ;)

Thanks to everyone to contributed to the project both to the ones mentioned above and the ones I haven't mentioned!

Berra out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What has Berra been playing?

Good question. ;) I've not played NWN for a long time now but I have bought Mysteries of Westgate which I plan to finish sometime in the future. I'm currently on vacation so I'm hoping to finish some of the games that I've not had the time to finish while working.

My attention has been fixed more on console games. I've been playing both Playstation 3 and XBox360 and to be honest I've not had that good expecations on the latter before I actually started using it ... and now think it's pretty awesome. :)

The mayor differences between the two is that, while using Xbox360, you have to PAY for playing online. Which I don't really like. While on the PS3 you can play for free. Strange, huh? But I guess it has to do with that Xbox360 has a more wider range of multiplayer games.

The games I've played are the following: Assassins Creed (Xbox360), Legendary (PS3), The Darkness (PS3), Gears of War (Xbox360), Banjo Kazzoie "Nuts and Bolts" (Xbox360), Resident Evil 5 (PS3) and Linger in Shadows (PS3). I think that should be all of em'.

Oh - forgot one: I've also finished the PC game "Still Life". It's a point-and-click adventure game where you take on the role of the FBI Special Agent Victoria McPherson and follow her as she tries to uncover the indentity of a masked serial killer that brutally kills his victims and deliberately leaves clues on the crime scene. It turns out that her grandfather had a similar case like the one now ... but that was 70 years ago. Could they be linked somehow?

Anyway, the forementioned console-games above are pretty awesome and the ones I've managed to finish as of now are number 2, 3, 6 & 7. The others still await completion.

Linger in Shadows was a downloadable game that has a very original feel to it. It's more like an interactive movie than anything else. I managed to gain ALL it's TROPHIES!! YAY!! The only game I've managed to attain a 100% status on. ;)

Berra out.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michele leaves NWN-Podcast

For those of you who's been following the Neverwinternights-Podcast (a site that sends news about modules and the community) knows of Michele a.k.a. "Liso" and for those who don't: she's been a hostess/interviewer on the Podcast for a long, long time and she's one of the most positive and cheerful persons I've met.

Some may recall that I guested a Podcast episode as well ... well, she's the one who interviewed me. :) It was awesome fun and you could really feel her personality through her words. :)

Sad to see ya go Michele but I for one really understands how it feels. See my mod-business for example. So, no worries here! The most important thing is just that you do what you feel is right for you.

She's still going to linger around the community though so this is not the last we'll see of her famous "Milk N' Cookies". ;)

I think we should all wish Michele luck in her future endeveours. Good luck Michele!

Berra out.

Long time no Read.

Hello everyone! As the title says; "Long time no Read". ;)

Yeah, it's been awhile since I posted on this blog and it's mostly because I've , as most of you already know, dropped my module-making hobby for the moment. "For the moment" you ask? Well, I've decided it's better to call it that since it could happen that I return to it someday since it's been a pretty large part of my creativity.

But for now I still call it quits but I decided to start to post, from time to time, a little about other mods and some other stuff going on in the community that I find interesting.

By the way what do you think about my new site-design? I think it fits really well and I've actually made a new logo that I'm also going to use for my new YouTube movies.

I played two excellent mods way back for NWN1 called "Revenant" and "Celestial Chronicles".

The first actually recieved the Silver Award 2008 ... and with good reason. :) It's about you, the player, becoming something called a "Revenant". A walking ghost seeking to have revenge on the one responsible for your death.

It uses various unique systems on level up where you can choose skills that the author has custom made. The story is dark and atmoshperic and people who like those kind of mods (perhaps my own as well) then you should certainly check it out. I gave it a score of 9.75.

The latter module could be compared to the old Super Nintendo RPGs like Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy. I find the story very interesting and it has a certain feel to it that makes you go back to feelings seen in the formentioned games.

You play a pregenerated character called "Serena Sunfire" that works as an archaeologist that stumbles upon a finding that could reveil the greatest coverup of all time: the existence of magic, and the knowledge of forgotten realms. The game is a writing submission so it has light-combat. This story is awesome. :) I gave it a full-scale 10.00-score.

You can find the links to both modules under "Recently Played Modules" in the collumn to your right.

UPDATE 2009-07-08: Should you be reading this and the forementioned games aren't on the Recently Played Modules-list anymore you can go to my "NWN1 - Berra's Module Favorites"-portfolio feature under "Berra's NWN Portfolios" in the collumn to your right. That one will always be there.

That's all for now folks!

Berra out.