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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mods for the Masses and/or Successor?

Hey again everyone and long time no read. ;) I've answered all you comments now back at the previous post, so if you know you've commented there be sure to go back there and read what the replies I've given you. :)

So ... what has I been up to, you ask? Well, it's been mostly work (my real-life work that is) ... a lot of battery creation there, since I work on a company called S.a.f.t. which creates larger batteries used in backups or hospitals or other larges constuctions.

But I've also played a couple of games and watched a couple of animes with my siblings. :) I've been playing The Darkness & Condemned 2 for Playstation 3 and they're both awesome games. The latter really chills your bones, so if you enjoy horror you should give it a try. It's one of the scarier games I've played to date ... Doom3 is one of the scariest I've played and C2 actually manages to surpass that one ... in my opinion. :)

I'm currently playing God of War 1 with my little brother (but he's not so little anymore, he's turned 13) and I'm enjoying it pretty much. My brother has talked about it a lot and finished both games and wanted me to play them as well, which is really fun! :)

The animes I've watched are Avatar - The Last Airbender (awesome anime, you gotta watch it!) and the Devil May Cry anime (with only 12 episodes) which was pretty decent. Not awesome but still pretty decent.

Anyways, what's with the title you ask? Well, you see I've been thinking about if I should release Insania Fabula & Puppet Masters to the community in it's unfinished state ... thus all of you can enjoy what little is there and anyone can choose to continue making the mods. OR ...

... is there anyone who'd like to take over the two projects (or one of them)? I'd love to see the two mods finished even though I'm not the one who's going to finish it.

In that case hopefully the voice-actors that signed for the projects will be wanting to lend their voices to the new mod-creator as well. I also have a couple of people that signed up to become writers of my various modules. If these people are interested, then they are at your disposal as well.

A successor should have these abilities:

*A major experience/knowledge of scripting
*Previous experience of making successful mods for either NWN1 or 2
*Experience of creating and changing/editing hak-files
*A good story-telling ability (the ability to shape a story)
*An ability to lead a project and follow a schedule (that you create and maintain yourself)
*Good writing skills

*Good skills when it comes to making conversations within the game

Thought I'd get this ball rollin' since I've been thinking about it for quite some time. Let me know what you all think and if someone's interested in taking over the project(s)!

Berra out.