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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time for Closure.

Hey everyone. I won't be keeping this back any longer, since it's something I've been juggling back and forward with for the latest months. It's bad news I'm afraid, folks, but here it goes ... I've finally decided to end my mod-making hobby for NWN1. Sorry folks.

I know some of you may feel pretty sad and/or disappointed with this choice but I feel that I have to do this ... it feels like I've kept modding for far too long ... and in the years since when I released Surviving Horror 2 back in the end of 2006, well ... they haven't been that creative in the mod-making department, I'll have to admit.

The creativity that I possessed then simply isn't there anymore, in the same way as before, and I've been going back and forth between different mod-ideas: Angelic Life - a fantasy one, A Resident Evil mod, Insania Fabula ... and in hopes of finding my creativity again, I started Puppet Masters in order to distan myself from previous works and ideas ... ideas that all ended up feeling pretty dry after awhile. Probably mostly because it takes up so much time of my life to bring my ideas into the game that I loose my creativity on the way while encountering various bugs and other annoying problems.

I feel that I need to move on to other things now instead of simply "waiting" for my creativity to come back to me. I simply don't have the time I used to have. I have a full-time job and ... well, I usally end up starting too many projects all at once since I have such a wide-ranged creativity. For example, I have bought a dozen (probably more) dvds that I've been wanting to watch and well, haven't had the time to ... and there's a lot of games that I haven't even touched. Take Mass Effect for example ... I bought it on release day ... and I haven't even started playing. That's how bad it is.

Perhaps I need to get a little more structure on the stuff I do in order for it to work better ... and the thing is that I'm mostly too tired when I get home from work to put much time in anything creativity-like besides surfing the net, downloading stuff and just trying to load my batteries ... since it is clearly needed. And yesterday all of this struck me ... I need to leave some of the stuff I've been doing behind to prevent feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff I just HAVE TO FINISH. That's why I made the decision to end mod-building for NWN.

Thanks to everyone who has been following this blog. Both those I know of (my 5 devoted followers comes to mind ;) ) who's been posting comments and those who's just been reading the stuff I've been writing. Most importantly I'd like to thank Archon (Zoltan) for being a constant blog-commenter and giving support/ideas and the like ... and also for taking the time to make artwork for my mods. :) Awesome person.

And finally, perhaps a little comfort in all this ... there could be a chance that I will come back to mod building someday but in that case it won't be for NWN1 ... it'd be either for NWN2, Dragon Age or any other more "modern" game that most folks play. For I haven't managed to claim a Hall of Fame for those games yet ... ;) But it's not a promise.

That's all for now folks. I may still be posting stuff about NWN on this blog but it will probably not be for quite awhile.

Take care all,

Berra out.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

VO Doubled = TRUE! (WTF?!)

Heh ... what's with the title, you ask? I dunno. Honestly ... I don't.


... just kidding there. ;) Of course I know what it means. :D Let me tell you:

The title basically means that it has been decided that Voice-Acting will be featured in Puppet Masters AND Insania Fabula. I sent a mail to all associated actors/actresses that has been set up for PM and they all accepted to make VO for IF too. Awesome people, if you ask me. ;)

The only one that hasn't answered this call yet is CJ Colins ... but perhaps his mail's broken ... or something. ;) We'll see how that turns out.

That's all for now folks. Happy holidays to all of you! :)

Berra out.