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Monday, November 24, 2008

Writers, Come Forth!

Well, as the title suggests ... I'm looking for writers for my current module-project Insania Fabula. I simply don't have that much time anymore to be able to write everything I want for the module. So, I am currently looking for any talented writer-individuals that would like to write some pieces for me.

I'm looking for someone that would like to do the following:

*Make a story & personality for a character that the author creates.
*Come up with ideas for sidequests (not required, just a bonus).
*Use his/her imagination to come up with other dialogs that would be fitting to the enviroments & areas.
*Basically no other restrictions!
Use your imagination! Do you think another new area would make a place for a great dialog? Let the author know!

That's about it, I think.

So please, anyone that feels that the above text would be doable, let me know by sending me an email from THIS PAGE!

Berra out.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winner Insanity!

Hey everyone. The poll regarding whether if I should finish Insania Fabula or Puppet Masters first has just been finished and the winner is:


But it was a very close race ... I.F.'s victory was settled thanks to just ONE VOTE! The end results ended at 12 votes for IF and 11 votes for PM. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Now when that has been settled comes the next question ... should I feature Voice Acting for this mod as well? I'll let you readers decide. You'll find the poll at the top of this page.

Gimme your votes people!

Berra out.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Voice-Acting: Doubled or Not?

Hey again everyone. :) Hope you've been enjoying the Halloween module-project so far. I've personally not found the time to play it yet but I'm hoping to start first thing tomorrow. :)

Guys and gals ... I've been thinking. You all know that I've hired (and are currently hiring) voice-actors/actresses for my NWN1 module Puppet Masters, right? Well, I've been having thoughts about perhaps making voice-acting for Insania Fabula as well since many people (more than expected, really) has showed their interest in voice-acting for my mod. So, why not spread it out a bit? :) This won't mean that a voice-actor/actress can't have a role in both modules, of course. As long as the actor/actress in question feel like it, that's always fine by me. Actually ... it's pretty awesome, even. :)

It currently seems as I am writing this that Insania Fabula may win in the selection of which module that should be finished first ... and why not include voice-acting there as well? This way, my voice-actors will have more stuff to stick their creative-voices-teeth into. ;)

So to finalizie this post ... what do YOU think?

Berra out.