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Monday, September 22, 2008

Fear the Vampires ... they'll drink you up!

Hardcore-horror fans, like me, should really check out the NWN1 module "Vampire - Heaven Defied". It has an awesome story, atmoshpere and a lot of creepy and disgusting situations that all horror fans will love. ;) Here's my comment from back at the vault:

"This is an awesome mature-horror mod. Certainly not for people below 18, if you ask me since it contains various scenes of blood, gore, sex,*bleep* etc. but that's all mentioned in the descripion.

As a horror-story, this mod does the cake very well. I'm used to horror but some scenes in this mod made even me feel very uneasy and disgusted, so applause to that skill even though I am not a fan of too extreme horror, like the lighthouse eremite for example. That's nothing I'd like to include in a horror work I make myself, since I find it too goddamn disturbring. :D Still, its fine when it's other people's work and I enjoyed getting a bit freaked out while playing your mod. :)

The story also have a very interesting perspective when it comes to religion vs. vampires. Who is really evil? The vampire who is driven by the need for blood simply to survive? Or the religious fanatic that kills anyone that stands in the way (even innocent ones) in order to be able kill a vampire? I think that was handled very well.

The various vampire-skills were handled very well as well. Awesome skills and they all felt very original and initutive.

Also I personlly liked the way the camera zooms in on an NPC when you start a conversation. Felt very original.

That's about it, I think. :) Well done! "

Hope some of you'll be interested in checking it out. :)

In other news: I've started reading from the "Don't Panic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the NWN2 toolset" and I'm on page 15 of 135-something, I think it was. So ... I've at least STARTED getting into the nwn2-toolset. And that's always a good thing. ;) Perhaps some of you are applauding right now ... ;)

Berra out.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Major Site Changes

Hey again everyone. You may have noticed the new main picture at the top of this page. Isn't it awesome? :) It's the same I am going to be using for a Site-Ad (*the box with various news at the main-page) back at the Nwvault.

Its the same picture I had featured before but this shows a lot more of the portrait. It's called "The Elephants" and was painted by Salvador Dali many, MANY years ago. His paintings are very surreal and it fits the the theme of horror very well, I think. Thus it fits pretty well for this site. :)

You may also notice some other differences. Below the angel-picture to your right you'll now see a Visitor statistics-counter. It'll be pretty cool to see how many people actually read this stuff. ;) And if you scroll up a bit again, past the Berra Productions (YouTube Movies) - item, you'll see another new item. You can choose to become one of my devoted fans by choosing to follow my blog there if you like. It'd be highly appriciated. :) And finally, if you scroll down you'll see that I've updated the "Other NWN1 & 2 - Author Blogs/Sites". I think it looks a lot better this way and now you can see what their newest posts are about (its now written below the site-name for each blog).

I think that's about it. Hope you'll all enjoy the changes. I personally enjoy the blog a lot more now and I think it looks a lot better. :)

EDIT: I resized the title-picture a bit since I agree with my fellow poster here, "zoltan" (Archon), that it was a little too large. Thanks for the advice man! :) Be sure to learn from him, people! :D

Berra out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

NWN2: I'm back! & NWN1 Progress

Hey again everyone. I installed NWN2 again on my computer today. I've only had the original NWN installed until now ... but, since I'd try getting something done for the BouncyRock- Halloween Event I figured it'd be best to install it again and finally getting started. I've actually been missing the game now when I think of it. :D

I also downloaded and printed (!) Gilthonym's "Don't Panic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the NWN2 toolset". It is really useful, easy to understand, easy to read and all in all ... avery well done document! It's about 132 pages (!!!!) (but not that much text on each page, thankfully) so now you may figure how devoted I am to finally learning the NWN2-toolset. ;)

Now when it comes to the progress of my current projects for NWN1:

I've not been able to work that much on Insania Fabula but I have done a REALLY LARGE portion of a conversation that introduces various main-characters. I've decided to shorten the length of the mod since I really want it finished ... I've been working on it for quite some time now and I think its about time I try to get it finished as painlessly as possible. What I have in mind will not be a less enjoyable experience though so losing a portion of play-time won't be that significant anyway, I think. I think most horror-fans will be enjoying what I have planned for the Insania Fabula story. ;)

I am also working on a little side-project for NWN1 ... a project where I am hoping to include a lot of voice-acting. I've currently voiced two character myself and have one other person that has been doing some work for a female character. This new project is currently called "Puppet Masters" and will feature a more mysterious and exciting atmoshpere compared to my other horror work, like for example, Surviving Horror.

I'm trying to keep the rating of Puppet Masters to a more wider audience instead of sticking to mature horror-content like I've done in the Surviving Horror series. The rating I'm aiming for is more like a teen-rating, I think. It'll still feature some creepy areas and situations but nothing that should go past the chosen rating.

That's it for now, folks. By the way:



Berra out.