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You can find all of my Neverwinternights Adventures below to your Right! Download, enjoy and vote if you feel like it. :)

Birger is not making Neverwinternights Mods anymore; instead he's going to start releasing animated short-movies on his Youtube Channel Bright Bear Tales.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


BouncyRock-Entertainment (former Stygius & Misery Stone sites for NWN2) has issued a NWN2-event with a halloween theme. I thought since I am as I'd like to call it, "the master of horror", I thought that this is really something that I should try and tag along with.

The point of this event is that each author has to create his or her own house in the NWN2-world and make it very halloween-ish with a lot of ghosts, vampires, mad-toothbrushes (?) and loads of candy. ;)

I have currently no idea what I'd like to do and I have currently not started to try and learn the toolset either. :( The end date for the halloween-event is the 13th of October and I hope I'll get something done until then. At least I hope so.

If you have any kind of ideas of what could be featured in Berra's room, then please feel free to let me know! :)

You can all read MORE about all of this on the BouncyRock Halloween Event-forum!

Berra out.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Madman rises AGAIN & Comic Galore!

My new favorite horror-author buddy Sam Dramstad a.k.a. "Kelkesh12345" has created a Remastered version of his Madman at the Ruins! mod for NWN1. :)

The original was good. I gave it an 8.00 vote but the remastered version manages to create such strong atmoshpere that even though I had played the original and knew what would happen, I still got a bit scared and pretty much drawn into the story in a horrific (positively, mind you) way. I can imagine how it could feel if one plays the new version for the first time (without playing the original first). :) Creepy stuff.

I gave the remastered version a 9.25 vote and I urge you all to go and CHECK IT OUT. A side note though: you can gain some secret stuff if you carry with you the Axeman's key from the original mod and use it in the remastered version.

Also, my fellow artist Archon (who created the CbtS wallpaper and the SH2 artwork) has done a lot of progress on his DarkSun's Glare comic. It's a comic that uses areas and characters made through the rpg game Oblivion. I'm guessing that the game has it's own toolset, like NWN does.

I've read all the comic strips that he has created thus far and I have to say, that it's seems like a very interesting story. Not much is known yet of course since it is still in the beginning but a sense of great mystery can be felt and I have to say that I like the characters that has been presented thus far.

You can check out the whole comic HERE. You should all go and check it out.

Berra out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Archon's artwork for Surviving Horror 2!

My fellow player/voter/artist Archon who made the Calm before the Storm Wallpaper to celebrate the release of CbtS (REMAKE) has just submitted his latest artwork to his website! This time, it's for Surviving Horror 2!

I won't be ranting any more about it here, instead go to his pictures and give him your thoughts and comments RIGHT AWAY!!





I just KNOW you're all gonna love it. ;)

Berra out.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mummies turns to dust in "Mummy Dust"!

Hey there eveyone. I recently played a very under-rated* module called "Mummy Dust" for NWN1 and I enjoyed it pretty much. So much that I gave it a 8.75 vote. The sad thing is that it was made way back in the end of 2004 and still no one had voted! It had about 380 downloads but no VOTES! Outrageous if you ask me. I urge you all to go and try it out.

*an excellent module with few votes

Here's my comment back at the vault:

"Such a pity that no one has ever rated this mod. It's great! It has a very unique feeling to it and uses custom items/systems very well. One example is the ring. It is not just used for teleport but will help in certain puzzles as well!

It ends up being a bit frustrating and very challenging at times since you have to be very precise in your movements and must have knowledge of exactly what you can and cannot click on in the NWN game. But I chose to oversee some of these elements since these elements tends to get pretty fun as well, since you'll feel very satisfied with yourself once you've managed to complete them.

A couple of gripes is that it doesn't use the journal, at all and the puzzles can get very difficult, so you must have a good puzzle-mind in order to play this.

Play this module if you like challenging puzzles and a surviving-challenge that takes up most of the time evading monsters as well as providing a interesting exploration module with good treasure. If these things are nothing for you, then do not download. Otherwise, you'll have an excellent time!"

In other news, I decided to create a walkthrough for the puzzles in the game in hopes that more people will be able to play this gem.

I also decided to make a Site-Ad for the module itself. It should be viewable at the front-page of the nwvault in the coming days.

Berra out.

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Debut-Author makes Horror Modules!

A new author to the vault named Kelkesh12345 has created survival horror modules similar to my "Surviving Horror series". *I* was partly one of the reasons that inspired him of making these modules and it is great to see other authors create similar stuff. :)

The author takes advantage of the D20 Modern Hak-files and this is one of the first mods that I have seen that have actually made a full-use of it's contents.

If you like survival horror, Resident Evil, the Surviving Horror series or simply just horror, then be sure to download the two mods created by this new horror-author! :)

Madman at the Ruins!

Zombie Crisis 1 (Beta)

And people, if you download any of his mods; ***DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ONCE YOU'RE DONE!!!***

"The only way you can reward an author is through a VOTE and I know that it is highly appriciated by everyone ... both for builders AND for players. So people, be sure to vote on EVERYTHING YOU DOWNLOAD! One day, someone else you voted on may someday vote on YOU ..."

Berra out.