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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Other World Bows Out

I've decided to abandon the "other-world" (an evil paralell-world that mysteriously appears at random occations) concept for Isania Fabula. Instead, it will take place completely in a "normal world" (without magic, strange worlds, elves, dwarves, dragons etc.). A normal world like the one WE live in. This was the whole idea in the beginning but somewhere along the way, for reasons unknown I guess, I felt like I wanted to include the "other-world" once more. I'm glad I've finally decided not to. :)

I wasn't too happy with the other-world I came up with for this mod ... and there was something that didn't feel right with my ideas. Thus finally, just for fun, I decided to think of the mod without this "other-world-concept" and somehow, magically or not, the whole idea felt a lot better. :D I've featured an alternative world in two mods already (A New Journey Begins & Surviving Horror 2) and that might have been the reason for that I didn't feel completely happy with it. I need to do something else this time.

As of now, I have discarded some NPCs that were encountered in the other-world since the mod won't feature that world anymore. Some of these NPCs were pretty good but I also think the mod will do without them.

Berra out.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Plot Thickens ...

More progress today. The first act has been finished and the first "scary-area" has also been finished. Two other NPCs (the more mysterious ones) have been introduced as has the main villain. I think many people will find the first nightmare-area quite impressive and I also think many people will be disturbed of how the main villain acts and thinks. At least that's what I feel. :D

Next I'll be doing a chat scene with the different main companions/characters in the module that will eventually lead to the beginning of a disaster-scene and eventually the beginning of a chase-scene. :P

I've also had thoughts of doing a short humour-module for NWN1 as well. I've had thoughts of perhaps doing it during the same time as I create Insania Fabula but I may also choose to create it later on. It'll be a lot more light-hearted module with occasional dramatic themes. And probably feature a romance or two as well. ;)

That's all for now folks.

Berra out.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Areas Finished

I've made quite a bit of progress today/tonight. The two first areas of the module are finished and three of the mod's NPC's has been introduced. So you could also say that the module's introduction is finished as well because the next thing I'll be doing will be the beginning of the ... scary stuff. ;)

I've decided to feature the detective-approach I mentioned in earlier posts but I simply can't avoid to include Silent Hill-inspired elements, in other words; to include an evil paralell world of the current world. But I think players who has finished/played my Surviving Horror series will be satisfied with what I'll come up with.

Some other news are that I will be including hak-files like Chandigar's Gothic Estates to stay true to my prime-inspiration; the Resident Evil series. :D And as far as I know, this hak hasn't been included in any modules so far. I'll also be including Some_ux's Boat's and probably the Airships made by the same author.

I might include some screenshots of the NPC's and scenes from the mod later but only if my readers think I should. ;)

So, watcha' think?

Berra out.