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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Current Name for New Module

I came up with a name for my latest module this weekend. I usally start to create a module first when doing a new module before actually coming up with a name for the story. Though sometimes it's easier to find out the name first. That differs a little. In any case, my latest module is going to be called (if I don't decide to change it later): Insania Fabula.

What does that mean, you say? Well, it's latin and basically means "Insanity Story". I've chosen that name since the main theme for the story is going to be "insanity" and basically also because the player-character will be telling the story during the course of the game. To avoid the risk of spoiling the story, I won't be telling you more than that. But as of now, I feel pretty satisfied with what I have come up with. And that's always good. :)

On a side note - I've just started another blog that is dedicated to the artwork I have created during a few years. This blog is called "Berra's Artwork & Photo Blog" and the link can be found at the top of this page. Hope to see you there as well. :)

Berra out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Module Production: Up & Down / NEW MOVIE

As you may understand by the title, module work has gone up and down the latest days. I've still not been completely satisfied with my story ideas. Instead of doing a "final fantasy" module I decided to go back to horror, my favorite theme I might add, which I thought would be a lot more fun.

The latest predicament is that I've been juggling thoughts about if I want to include magic or do a module completely without it. And I think the latter will be more appropriate though occasionally unexplained events will occur that will have a perfect natural-explanation later. I'm not completely sure yet but this is what I've come up with so far.

I think I've managed to find a pretty good story idea now that manages to feel pretty good. The main theme I've come up with for now is more like a "detective-approach" with occasional survival horror. I'm also thinking of including my "run-or-die" concept in this latest module as well though I might tweak it a bit to make it more realistic. Somehow. :D

I think that'll do but don't take my word for it yet since it may still change if I come up with something better.

The other part of my titel says "NEW MOVIE". What movie, you say? Well, perhaps some of you have watched Silent Hill: Darkness or SH: Horrid Truth on YouTube? Those are fan-movies I've made that are heavily inspired by Silent Hill. I've recently done a new one that I call "Silent Hill: Executioners". I personally see this movie as my best movie-work to date. I'll give you the links here:

SH: Executioners (1/2)

SH: Executioners (2/2)

Hope you'll enjoy.

Berra out.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Berra's NWN Blog LAUNCHED!

Hello again everybody. This is my new blog for my future as well as past NWN modules. You will still be able to view Berra's Live Journal but it will not be updated anymore. So if you want the latest news be sure to bookmark this page and return once in a while.

To celebrate the release of my new blog I'll share some screenshots with you from Angelic Life, the NWN1 project I later decided to abandon. But I thought that you should at least have the opportunity to see them. They feature the henchmen from the game.

I am currently creating a new horror module for NWN1 instead of keeping on working with Angelic Life. Be sure to check back for more news about it. :)

Berra out.


Character names from left to right: Amora (Butterfly-race), Cattis (Cat-humaniod), Lorenzo (Half-Dragon), Cornelius (Gnome), Lenna (Human).