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The Creator of "Surviving Horror 1 & 2", "Calm before the Storm" and "A New Journey Begins" for NWN1 and "Berra's Estate of Horrors" for the "Halloween" NWN2 module.

You can find all of my Neverwinternights Adventures below to your Right! Download, enjoy and vote if you feel like it. :)

Birger is not making Neverwinternights Mods anymore; instead he's going to start releasing animated short-movies on his Youtube Channel Bright Bear Tales.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time for Closure.

Hey everyone. I won't be keeping this back any longer, since it's something I've been juggling back and forward with for the latest months. It's bad news I'm afraid, folks, but here it goes ... I've finally decided to end my mod-making hobby for NWN1. Sorry folks.

I know some of you may feel pretty sad and/or disappointed with this choice but I feel that I have to do this ... it feels like I've kept modding for far too long ... and in the years since when I released Surviving Horror 2 back in the end of 2006, well ... they haven't been that creative in the mod-making department, I'll have to admit.

The creativity that I possessed then simply isn't there anymore, in the same way as before, and I've been going back and forth between different mod-ideas: Angelic Life - a fantasy one, A Resident Evil mod, Insania Fabula ... and in hopes of finding my creativity again, I started Puppet Masters in order to distan myself from previous works and ideas ... ideas that all ended up feeling pretty dry after awhile. Probably mostly because it takes up so much time of my life to bring my ideas into the game that I loose my creativity on the way while encountering various bugs and other annoying problems.

I feel that I need to move on to other things now instead of simply "waiting" for my creativity to come back to me. I simply don't have the time I used to have. I have a full-time job and ... well, I usally end up starting too many projects all at once since I have such a wide-ranged creativity. For example, I have bought a dozen (probably more) dvds that I've been wanting to watch and well, haven't had the time to ... and there's a lot of games that I haven't even touched. Take Mass Effect for example ... I bought it on release day ... and I haven't even started playing. That's how bad it is.

Perhaps I need to get a little more structure on the stuff I do in order for it to work better ... and the thing is that I'm mostly too tired when I get home from work to put much time in anything creativity-like besides surfing the net, downloading stuff and just trying to load my batteries ... since it is clearly needed. And yesterday all of this struck me ... I need to leave some of the stuff I've been doing behind to prevent feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff I just HAVE TO FINISH. That's why I made the decision to end mod-building for NWN.

Thanks to everyone who has been following this blog. Both those I know of (my 5 devoted followers comes to mind ;) ) who's been posting comments and those who's just been reading the stuff I've been writing. Most importantly I'd like to thank Archon (Zoltan) for being a constant blog-commenter and giving support/ideas and the like ... and also for taking the time to make artwork for my mods. :) Awesome person.

And finally, perhaps a little comfort in all this ... there could be a chance that I will come back to mod building someday but in that case it won't be for NWN1 ... it'd be either for NWN2, Dragon Age or any other more "modern" game that most folks play. For I haven't managed to claim a Hall of Fame for those games yet ... ;) But it's not a promise.

That's all for now folks. I may still be posting stuff about NWN on this blog but it will probably not be for quite awhile.

Take care all,

Berra out.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

VO Doubled = TRUE! (WTF?!)

Heh ... what's with the title, you ask? I dunno. Honestly ... I don't.


... just kidding there. ;) Of course I know what it means. :D Let me tell you:

The title basically means that it has been decided that Voice-Acting will be featured in Puppet Masters AND Insania Fabula. I sent a mail to all associated actors/actresses that has been set up for PM and they all accepted to make VO for IF too. Awesome people, if you ask me. ;)

The only one that hasn't answered this call yet is CJ Colins ... but perhaps his mail's broken ... or something. ;) We'll see how that turns out.

That's all for now folks. Happy holidays to all of you! :)

Berra out.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Writers, Come Forth!

Well, as the title suggests ... I'm looking for writers for my current module-project Insania Fabula. I simply don't have that much time anymore to be able to write everything I want for the module. So, I am currently looking for any talented writer-individuals that would like to write some pieces for me.

I'm looking for someone that would like to do the following:

*Make a story & personality for a character that the author creates.
*Come up with ideas for sidequests (not required, just a bonus).
*Use his/her imagination to come up with other dialogs that would be fitting to the enviroments & areas.
*Basically no other restrictions!
Use your imagination! Do you think another new area would make a place for a great dialog? Let the author know!

That's about it, I think.

So please, anyone that feels that the above text would be doable, let me know by sending me an email from THIS PAGE!

Berra out.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winner Insanity!

Hey everyone. The poll regarding whether if I should finish Insania Fabula or Puppet Masters first has just been finished and the winner is:


But it was a very close race ... I.F.'s victory was settled thanks to just ONE VOTE! The end results ended at 12 votes for IF and 11 votes for PM. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Now when that has been settled comes the next question ... should I feature Voice Acting for this mod as well? I'll let you readers decide. You'll find the poll at the top of this page.

Gimme your votes people!

Berra out.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Voice-Acting: Doubled or Not?

Hey again everyone. :) Hope you've been enjoying the Halloween module-project so far. I've personally not found the time to play it yet but I'm hoping to start first thing tomorrow. :)

Guys and gals ... I've been thinking. You all know that I've hired (and are currently hiring) voice-actors/actresses for my NWN1 module Puppet Masters, right? Well, I've been having thoughts about perhaps making voice-acting for Insania Fabula as well since many people (more than expected, really) has showed their interest in voice-acting for my mod. So, why not spread it out a bit? :) This won't mean that a voice-actor/actress can't have a role in both modules, of course. As long as the actor/actress in question feel like it, that's always fine by me. Actually ... it's pretty awesome, even. :)

It currently seems as I am writing this that Insania Fabula may win in the selection of which module that should be finished first ... and why not include voice-acting there as well? This way, my voice-actors will have more stuff to stick their creative-voices-teeth into. ;)

So to finalizie this post ... what do YOU think?

Berra out.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

BouncyRock Halloween Event-Module RELEASED!

The work of a total of 25 different authors has finally been fully tested and released to the NWN-Vault! Awesome that so many authors (including me) could come together to do something like this for Halloween 2008. Be sure to be the first to check it out! :)

Berra out.

Module-Choice Anxiety

Hey everyone. I just thought I'd do a quick post about some thoughts I've been having about where to go next with my module-creation-business.

As most of you may already know, I've just completed my first NWN2 work which is going to be included in the BouncyRock-Halloween Event Module which is scheduled to be released sometime this weekend for Halloween. But where should I go next? I have a little trouble deciding.

I currently have two NWN1 projects on the line and both are listed at the top of this site under "Current Projects". I've also posted a poll there. This poll is going to let YOU READERS decide whether I should complete Isania Fabula or Puppet Masters first. So be sure to lend me your vote ... YOU can make a difference. :)

I'm looking forward of seeing what you guys think.

Berra out.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mission Completed!

A scary scarecrow is hanging here ... creepy.
(You'll find more screenshots at the end of this post.)

My submission to the BouncyRock Halloween Project, "Berra's Estate of Horrors"; is finally COMPLETED! Man - that sure took more time than I had expected. :D It was a good thing that I had previous experiences from NWN1 because that helped a lot ... most things are actually pretty similar to the the Aurora Toolset (Toolset from NWN1).

Ahead comes my toolset experiences ... these may not make too much sense for someone who has never opened or developed something with the toolset but I'm trying to be as explanative as possible so you should have at least some clue of what I've been through but still, should you feel this is nothing for you, then go below the line I've written at the bottom in this post and read the rest from there ... so here it goes:


About 2/3 of the time that it took to make this module has been invested in bashing my head against the toolset! Man! I mean MAN! Sometimes errors appeared like I'd never seen before!

In the beginning of my mod-making I was bashing my head in trying to think of a solution to get facial expressions (like when an NPC smiles, frowns or looks scared) to appear within the game in a conversation. Eh - - by the way, for anyone who doesn't know what a conversation is, it's basically when you talk to a character in the game. And NPC means Non-player character. Man this really feels explationary ... :D Anyway, in I just couldn't make them appear but enough about the issues ... here's the solution: I had just entered that I wanted the facial expressions to appear by themselves ... that won't work. You'll have to combine them with an ANIMATION (like waving, laughing etc.) for it to work properly. Glad I finally sorted that out. :D

One time, I wanted the PC to teleport to an exterior area (like a forest, for example) from within an interior (basically, a house or castle). The script was perfect, since it works just fine in the NWN1 game (scripting hasn't changed that much from NWN1, thankfully). But it just DIDN'T WORK! NOTHING HAPPENED! So, being the extremely stubborn personality that I am when it comes to creating something, I kept going. I tried, again and again and again ... trying various scripting-techniques to make it work ... but NOTHING.

I finally posted a help-thread back at the Bioware Forums. But just then, actually before anyone had the time to answer, I decided to look in my newly printed copy of the Don't Panic Guide to the Toolset (which I mentioned in an earlier post) ... then it hit me. I hadn't made any walkable surfaces in the exterior I wanted the PC to teleport to (you basically have to PAINT the areas you want the PC to be able to walk on in an exterior, otherwise they'll just get stuck in those areas without walkable surfaces). Once, I did that, it worked perfectly. FINALLY. One problem out of the window BUT ... another one was yet to come ... ;)

Another problem that made me extremely frustrated was when I was trying to make a climable mountain in this exterior area ... I wanted it to be tall. I mean REALLY TALL. But the walkable surfaces that I mentioned earlier just didn't want to go all the way to the top so that you could be able to climb to the very top ... so I basically had to cut about 2 thirds of the mountain in the end. I tried for about 3 hours (!!!) to make it work but in the end I decided to cut it. But it's still pretty tall in the module anyway, so really no loss there ... except for the time-factor, of course. :D

In the latest part of development I wanted an NPC to play an animation (like waving, dancing, etc.) but in my case, I wanted the NPC to lie completely still on the floor. And not stand up again. In my case ... the NPC DID STAND UP AGAIN. I had no clue what was going on. I had made it so that the script would last as long as the module was still active ... but STILL, this NPC refused to stop STANDING UP. I tried various scripting-techniques once again before finally ... somehow, I made it work. Don't ask me how. That's the beauty of mod-making ... sometimes it just works and sometimes it just DOESN'T. In my case, it finally did though. :D

I still have the WORST part left to tell you ... ;) But I'll think I'll place that below the toolset line here ... so anyone can find out about it. :D

But before that I'd like to mention some of the good stuff. :) It was really fun playing around with the toolset (while it actually worked) and making various NPCs and placing appropriate placeables was very fun to do. Conversation writing was one of the funnier things to do, I think ... especially when you can add facial expressions. Really fun.

It was pretty awesome to get back to writing something for Jina & Frogrin again ... they are, after all, two of my favorite characters I've made, I think. I think they translated pretty well to NWN2 as well. I found Jina's hair-cut to not really fit her though ... so I actually made another one that you'll be able to see by the end of the mod. I personally think that hair-cut suits her better. There is also a short haircut that could fit for her ... maybe sometime in the future, if she decides to cut her hair a bit ... for whatever reason. ;) Because if I do something else for NWN2, I'd probably make another story about Jina & Frogrin.

The new character, The Apprentice, was a character that was very funny to write. I think he turned out pretty well ... and he sure is grumpy, isn't he? ;)

Also making other various references to my old NWN1 mods created a true sense of nostalgica ... awesome. :) I thought that since this is my first NWN2 mod, I could as well include characters from my previous works. And I personally think it was a really awesome decision. :)

All in all, this experience sure had a lot of problems and errors while creating but overall, it was VERY FUN making it. :)


Here's one extreme problem I had that anyone can understand, I think. Here it goes:

I was almost done with the module. It was saturday evening 11th of October and the dead-line for the module was by 13th of October. That was the time it HAD to be done. Plenty of time left, I thought. Man ... was I WRONG.

I was calmly building in the toolset when I suddenly noticed that the toolset moved VERY SLOWLY ... I thought "crap, this must mean that the toolset will crash on me any moment now" (which it actually does pretty frequently) ... so I quickly pressed the save button ... and CRASH. The toolset has crashed. Nothing wrong with that, it usally does a couple of times a day. But not during the time YOU SAVE.

I decided to open the toolset again and open up the only area I had created at the time (the area with most things in it as well ...) ... and an error message appeared. It said something like "Error, can't open, corrupted" or something like that. Finally, the area opened ... but it was blank. COMPLETELY BLANK! THERE WAS NOTHING IN IT! NOTHING! EVERYTHING WAS GONE! Every placeable, character, waypoint, camera, lightning effect, door etc. was GONE! Everything I had worked on the ENTIRE WEEK! MAN, WAS I PISSED! CRAP!!!

So, basically, the rest of saturday was used up by browsing the net trying to find a way to fix my corrupted mod. I found some tools that apparently could fix the corrupted module ... but this site was written in a way that required you to be EINSTEIN for you to be able to fully understand. I can't believe why people write a site in such a way? Why not write it in a way so ANYONE CAN UNDERSTAND IT?! Man. Anyway, in the end, I gave up. My energy was gone.

I rested for a bit, then I decided to pick up the toolset again. I decided that the only way for me to fix this, was to REBUILD THE ENTIRE AREA AGAIN from SCRATCH. Thankfully as I found out, not everything had been deleted. The entire area was gone, yes ... but conversations, scripts and blueprints were left. Thank God for that. Otherwise, I would've probably never been able to finish the mod.

Another awesome thing was when Jclef (the director of the project) decided to extend the deadline to 17th of October instead of 12th. Thanks for that man. :) So basically, thanks to him, the finished mod you'll be able to play in the Halloween Project will be so much better polished and includes a lot of other stuff that would've never make it in-game otherwise ... so, send him your thanks people. :D

Special thanks goes to my friend Archon (the guy who's made the artworks for Calm before the Storm and Surviving Horror 2) for Beta-testing the mod and coming with extremely good advice! You'll also be seeing him within the mod, so be sure to look forward of meeting him once the mod has been released! :) He's hilarious! :D

I think that would be all. As I said previously, the mod will include various characters from my NWN1 modules, so if you've played them, you'll most likely enjoy yourself even more.

I'll finish this post with some screenshots from the game ... enjoy & be sure to keep your eyes open for the release!

The entrace to the Estate as well as a conversation with The Apprentice.

A scary scarecrow, a dark mosaic painting and familiar faces ... I think I recognize those two. Don't you?

Dark mannequins and the door to the basement ... what could be lurking in the basement ...? Be sure to download and find out!

The first picture is of the artist Archon, creator of "DarkSun's Glare". The second picture, yes, you guessed it ... that's me. Pretty cool, huh?

Berra out.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

NWN2 Halloween House Closing In ...

Hey there everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that the BouncyRock Halloween House for NWN2 that I'm currently developing is almost done. I just have a couple of more stuff I need to add and various bugs/tweaks that needs to be fixed.

I think most people should be able to enjoy my debut-NWN2 work but this short-mod will be a more rich experience for people who has already played my mods ... since I have various characters from Surviving Horror 1 & 2, Calm before the Storm & A New Journey Begins featured in the mod.

I gotta go now, so I'll make another post once I'm completely finished or almost done (a post which will feature info and a couple of screens, hopefully).

EDIT: I just thought I'd let you all know that there's a dead-line for the halloween mods which is on this friday 17th of october.

SECOND EDIT: The first dead-line was by Monday the 13th but God bless Jclef for letting us have a few more days. :)

THIRD EDIT (17-18/10): I'm just about to send in my finished submission to the Project ... so expect some news & some screenshots pretty soon.

Berra out.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Misc Work & Voice Acting!

Hey there everyone. :) Since my last post I've been adding and mixing stuff to my NWN1 module Puppet Masters. I've changed/added a couple of things to the hak-file that I will use for the mod. Mostly stuff that will be featured for the main villian. ;) Pretty cool stuff, I'll have to admit.

I've decided to use the Alternate Combat Animations v4.0 that was created by Ragnarok_mr4. That is a really cool hak-file as well. For those who hasn't seen or heard of it, it simply put adds more customizable combat animations to characters (and even to PCs!) like Ninja-stances, Samuraij-stances, Ogre/Orc stances, Fencing and loads of others. It now also features a load of new animations like, my favorite one, the Arcane-animations. It's basically that the character floats in the air with his/her arms crossed. Much like a Djiin or Genie. Really awesome.

That's about it when it comes to mod-making. :) So, regretfully no progress on Insania Fabula yet. BUT ... I have some other juicy news for you all:

I've found a couple of people who has shown their interest in recording dialog for Puppet Masters. And *I* am one of them. :D Hehe, well, I didn't really vonlenteer or anything ... it kinda just went that way. ;) But enough about me, here's the people who has currently joined the voice-acting ranks so far:

*Erik Karlsson - The module author/writer. Will be playing an Inn Keeper & a Black Wizard.

*Rachel Peterson - A great voice-actress. Will be playing the daughter of the Inn Keeper.

*CJ Collins - Author of Lolfilmworks on YouTube. Has cosplayed Kefka from Final Fantasy 6. Will be playing a Jester-character that is featured in the mod.

*Skunkeen - Dungeon Master for NWN1&2 back at Has made various other voice-appearances, like for the narrator in A Hunt Through the Dark REMASTERED. Will be playing a mysterious character and the main villian (characters which I will not expose the identity of).

That's about it for now. :)

Now I'm off to finally start building my house for the NWN2 BouncyRock Halloween Event! :)

Berra out.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fear the Vampires ... they'll drink you up!

Hardcore-horror fans, like me, should really check out the NWN1 module "Vampire - Heaven Defied". It has an awesome story, atmoshpere and a lot of creepy and disgusting situations that all horror fans will love. ;) Here's my comment from back at the vault:

"This is an awesome mature-horror mod. Certainly not for people below 18, if you ask me since it contains various scenes of blood, gore, sex,*bleep* etc. but that's all mentioned in the descripion.

As a horror-story, this mod does the cake very well. I'm used to horror but some scenes in this mod made even me feel very uneasy and disgusted, so applause to that skill even though I am not a fan of too extreme horror, like the lighthouse eremite for example. That's nothing I'd like to include in a horror work I make myself, since I find it too goddamn disturbring. :D Still, its fine when it's other people's work and I enjoyed getting a bit freaked out while playing your mod. :)

The story also have a very interesting perspective when it comes to religion vs. vampires. Who is really evil? The vampire who is driven by the need for blood simply to survive? Or the religious fanatic that kills anyone that stands in the way (even innocent ones) in order to be able kill a vampire? I think that was handled very well.

The various vampire-skills were handled very well as well. Awesome skills and they all felt very original and initutive.

Also I personlly liked the way the camera zooms in on an NPC when you start a conversation. Felt very original.

That's about it, I think. :) Well done! "

Hope some of you'll be interested in checking it out. :)

In other news: I've started reading from the "Don't Panic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the NWN2 toolset" and I'm on page 15 of 135-something, I think it was. So ... I've at least STARTED getting into the nwn2-toolset. And that's always a good thing. ;) Perhaps some of you are applauding right now ... ;)

Berra out.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Major Site Changes

Hey again everyone. You may have noticed the new main picture at the top of this page. Isn't it awesome? :) It's the same I am going to be using for a Site-Ad (*the box with various news at the main-page) back at the Nwvault.

Its the same picture I had featured before but this shows a lot more of the portrait. It's called "The Elephants" and was painted by Salvador Dali many, MANY years ago. His paintings are very surreal and it fits the the theme of horror very well, I think. Thus it fits pretty well for this site. :)

You may also notice some other differences. Below the angel-picture to your right you'll now see a Visitor statistics-counter. It'll be pretty cool to see how many people actually read this stuff. ;) And if you scroll up a bit again, past the Berra Productions (YouTube Movies) - item, you'll see another new item. You can choose to become one of my devoted fans by choosing to follow my blog there if you like. It'd be highly appriciated. :) And finally, if you scroll down you'll see that I've updated the "Other NWN1 & 2 - Author Blogs/Sites". I think it looks a lot better this way and now you can see what their newest posts are about (its now written below the site-name for each blog).

I think that's about it. Hope you'll all enjoy the changes. I personally enjoy the blog a lot more now and I think it looks a lot better. :)

EDIT: I resized the title-picture a bit since I agree with my fellow poster here, "zoltan" (Archon), that it was a little too large. Thanks for the advice man! :) Be sure to learn from him, people! :D

Berra out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

NWN2: I'm back! & NWN1 Progress

Hey again everyone. I installed NWN2 again on my computer today. I've only had the original NWN installed until now ... but, since I'd try getting something done for the BouncyRock- Halloween Event I figured it'd be best to install it again and finally getting started. I've actually been missing the game now when I think of it. :D

I also downloaded and printed (!) Gilthonym's "Don't Panic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the NWN2 toolset". It is really useful, easy to understand, easy to read and all in all ... avery well done document! It's about 132 pages (!!!!) (but not that much text on each page, thankfully) so now you may figure how devoted I am to finally learning the NWN2-toolset. ;)

Now when it comes to the progress of my current projects for NWN1:

I've not been able to work that much on Insania Fabula but I have done a REALLY LARGE portion of a conversation that introduces various main-characters. I've decided to shorten the length of the mod since I really want it finished ... I've been working on it for quite some time now and I think its about time I try to get it finished as painlessly as possible. What I have in mind will not be a less enjoyable experience though so losing a portion of play-time won't be that significant anyway, I think. I think most horror-fans will be enjoying what I have planned for the Insania Fabula story. ;)

I am also working on a little side-project for NWN1 ... a project where I am hoping to include a lot of voice-acting. I've currently voiced two character myself and have one other person that has been doing some work for a female character. This new project is currently called "Puppet Masters" and will feature a more mysterious and exciting atmoshpere compared to my other horror work, like for example, Surviving Horror.

I'm trying to keep the rating of Puppet Masters to a more wider audience instead of sticking to mature horror-content like I've done in the Surviving Horror series. The rating I'm aiming for is more like a teen-rating, I think. It'll still feature some creepy areas and situations but nothing that should go past the chosen rating.

That's it for now, folks. By the way:



Berra out.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


BouncyRock-Entertainment (former Stygius & Misery Stone sites for NWN2) has issued a NWN2-event with a halloween theme. I thought since I am as I'd like to call it, "the master of horror", I thought that this is really something that I should try and tag along with.

The point of this event is that each author has to create his or her own house in the NWN2-world and make it very halloween-ish with a lot of ghosts, vampires, mad-toothbrushes (?) and loads of candy. ;)

I have currently no idea what I'd like to do and I have currently not started to try and learn the toolset either. :( The end date for the halloween-event is the 13th of October and I hope I'll get something done until then. At least I hope so.

If you have any kind of ideas of what could be featured in Berra's room, then please feel free to let me know! :)

You can all read MORE about all of this on the BouncyRock Halloween Event-forum!

Berra out.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Madman rises AGAIN & Comic Galore!

My new favorite horror-author buddy Sam Dramstad a.k.a. "Kelkesh12345" has created a Remastered version of his Madman at the Ruins! mod for NWN1. :)

The original was good. I gave it an 8.00 vote but the remastered version manages to create such strong atmoshpere that even though I had played the original and knew what would happen, I still got a bit scared and pretty much drawn into the story in a horrific (positively, mind you) way. I can imagine how it could feel if one plays the new version for the first time (without playing the original first). :) Creepy stuff.

I gave the remastered version a 9.25 vote and I urge you all to go and CHECK IT OUT. A side note though: you can gain some secret stuff if you carry with you the Axeman's key from the original mod and use it in the remastered version.

Also, my fellow artist Archon (who created the CbtS wallpaper and the SH2 artwork) has done a lot of progress on his DarkSun's Glare comic. It's a comic that uses areas and characters made through the rpg game Oblivion. I'm guessing that the game has it's own toolset, like NWN does.

I've read all the comic strips that he has created thus far and I have to say, that it's seems like a very interesting story. Not much is known yet of course since it is still in the beginning but a sense of great mystery can be felt and I have to say that I like the characters that has been presented thus far.

You can check out the whole comic HERE. You should all go and check it out.

Berra out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Archon's artwork for Surviving Horror 2!

My fellow player/voter/artist Archon who made the Calm before the Storm Wallpaper to celebrate the release of CbtS (REMAKE) has just submitted his latest artwork to his website! This time, it's for Surviving Horror 2!

I won't be ranting any more about it here, instead go to his pictures and give him your thoughts and comments RIGHT AWAY!!





I just KNOW you're all gonna love it. ;)

Berra out.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mummies turns to dust in "Mummy Dust"!

Hey there eveyone. I recently played a very under-rated* module called "Mummy Dust" for NWN1 and I enjoyed it pretty much. So much that I gave it a 8.75 vote. The sad thing is that it was made way back in the end of 2004 and still no one had voted! It had about 380 downloads but no VOTES! Outrageous if you ask me. I urge you all to go and try it out.

*an excellent module with few votes

Here's my comment back at the vault:

"Such a pity that no one has ever rated this mod. It's great! It has a very unique feeling to it and uses custom items/systems very well. One example is the ring. It is not just used for teleport but will help in certain puzzles as well!

It ends up being a bit frustrating and very challenging at times since you have to be very precise in your movements and must have knowledge of exactly what you can and cannot click on in the NWN game. But I chose to oversee some of these elements since these elements tends to get pretty fun as well, since you'll feel very satisfied with yourself once you've managed to complete them.

A couple of gripes is that it doesn't use the journal, at all and the puzzles can get very difficult, so you must have a good puzzle-mind in order to play this.

Play this module if you like challenging puzzles and a surviving-challenge that takes up most of the time evading monsters as well as providing a interesting exploration module with good treasure. If these things are nothing for you, then do not download. Otherwise, you'll have an excellent time!"

In other news, I decided to create a walkthrough for the puzzles in the game in hopes that more people will be able to play this gem.

I also decided to make a Site-Ad for the module itself. It should be viewable at the front-page of the nwvault in the coming days.

Berra out.

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Debut-Author makes Horror Modules!

A new author to the vault named Kelkesh12345 has created survival horror modules similar to my "Surviving Horror series". *I* was partly one of the reasons that inspired him of making these modules and it is great to see other authors create similar stuff. :)

The author takes advantage of the D20 Modern Hak-files and this is one of the first mods that I have seen that have actually made a full-use of it's contents.

If you like survival horror, Resident Evil, the Surviving Horror series or simply just horror, then be sure to download the two mods created by this new horror-author! :)

Madman at the Ruins!

Zombie Crisis 1 (Beta)

And people, if you download any of his mods; ***DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ONCE YOU'RE DONE!!!***

"The only way you can reward an author is through a VOTE and I know that it is highly appriciated by everyone ... both for builders AND for players. So people, be sure to vote on EVERYTHING YOU DOWNLOAD! One day, someone else you voted on may someday vote on YOU ..."

Berra out.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CbtS (REMAKE) RELEASED & A New Journey Begins enters HALL OF FAME!!

I have finally fully released Calm before the Storm (REMAKE)! With this release though ... another surprise came forth: A NEW JOURNEY BEGINS (SEQUEL TO CALM BEFORE THE STORM) HAS GAINED HALL OF FAME STATUS!!! TRIPLE YAY!!! :D


Finally has the one of my mods that is most deserving gained hall of fame. :) ANJB is my favorite right after Surviving Horror 2.

Berra out.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Calm before the Storm (REMAKE) is DONE!

I have finally done everything that needs to be done with Calm before the Storm (REMAKE) . SO IT IS NOW READY TO BE RELEASED TO THE VAULT! I am currently doing some final preperations ... so it'll probably be released during the beginning of the week.

I'll give you the link here once it has been fully released to the vault. Be sure to download it, play and VOTE!!!

EDIT 2008-06-30: Here's the link for the module: LINK.
It has not been fully released just yet but it should appear on the vault sometime tomorrow.

Berra out.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Storm is almost HERE!

I've been working on Calm before the Storm - REMAKE on and off during this month and it is almost completely finished. I have just a couple of henchmen dialogs that I'm planning to add, then there's only playtesting left. I've been thinking of perhaps having a beta test ... but I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps it's not necessary.

Though if anyone is interested in Beta-testing of the NWN1 module "Calm before the Storm - REMAKE" be sure to let me know. Because if enough people give me a ring, then perhaps I'll consider doing a beta-test anyway. :)

Berra out.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Secret Revelation!

The time has come ... the time has come to finally reveal what my current secret project is. I told you earlier that it is something that both old and new fans would be able to enjoy ... it is also something that I have done in the past. The truth is that I am currently making:


See now? It's something both old and new players could enjoy, isn't it? :D Exciting huh? ;)

So, what is this remake going to feature, you ask? I'll give you a quick check-list:


Also some things that MIGHT be featured:


That's it folks! Hope I just made some of you happy by letting you know this. :)

Let me know what you think!

*Do you have any ideas for any kind of additions to the module?
*Got a sidequest you'd like me to add?
*A character?
A Monster?


Berra out.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Combatants Turn

I've finally finished most of the dialog ... a lot of work goes regarding dialog, that has to be said. So next: it's time for the combat. It needs to be fixed in a appropriate way. Heh, it's pretty hard trying to discuss module-work that you're still trying to keep as a secret ... BUT I might as well reveal it soon so that players knows what to expect. We'll see. But not in this post!! Muahuahau ... heh. :S

In either case the next module-turn is the combat ... wish me luck. :D

Berra out.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Progress of Secrets

I've made a lot of progress on the secret project I mentioned earlier. I think I'm about half-way done ... or perhaps two thirds done. I'm hoping for a release day in perhaps a week or two ... and if I'm lucky, perhaps even before that. That really depends on how much enthusiasm I'm having and how much real-life work is draining me. :D

In either case: it's getting closer.

Berra out.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Unknown Could Be Exciting ...

I've been pondering whether I should post these news or not ... but I ended up choosing to post it. :D I'm working on Insania Fabula as you all know by now but here comes a surprise ... I am also currently working on a secret project. As a matter of fact I HAVE been working on it this weekend. You're pretty curious of what it is, right? :)

I'm not telling. :D Not until it's done. A little hint, though: it is something that should please both old and new fans of my work.

That's it. I'm not telling you anything else. :D Feel free to give me your theories of what this secret project could be ... I'm all ears. ;)

Berra out.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Silent Hill Inspired Movie (Surviving Horror mod-fans, look here!)!

Hi everyone. I have just finished and uploaded my latest horror-movie to YouTube. It's called "The Day I Can't Remember" and has been inspired by the Silent Hill games.

So since my Surviving Horror series was ispired by those series as well, fans of my horror modules should definitely check my new movie out. It has a great story, just like those modules.

So, if you enjoyed either of my Surviving Horror modules, be sure to watch "The Day I Can't Remember" movie once it has been released!

It has not yet appeared on YouTube but I will give you an update once it is fully online. Stay tuned, folks.


Berra out.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Other World Bows Out

I've decided to abandon the "other-world" (an evil paralell-world that mysteriously appears at random occations) concept for Isania Fabula. Instead, it will take place completely in a "normal world" (without magic, strange worlds, elves, dwarves, dragons etc.). A normal world like the one WE live in. This was the whole idea in the beginning but somewhere along the way, for reasons unknown I guess, I felt like I wanted to include the "other-world" once more. I'm glad I've finally decided not to. :)

I wasn't too happy with the other-world I came up with for this mod ... and there was something that didn't feel right with my ideas. Thus finally, just for fun, I decided to think of the mod without this "other-world-concept" and somehow, magically or not, the whole idea felt a lot better. :D I've featured an alternative world in two mods already (A New Journey Begins & Surviving Horror 2) and that might have been the reason for that I didn't feel completely happy with it. I need to do something else this time.

As of now, I have discarded some NPCs that were encountered in the other-world since the mod won't feature that world anymore. Some of these NPCs were pretty good but I also think the mod will do without them.

Berra out.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Plot Thickens ...

More progress today. The first act has been finished and the first "scary-area" has also been finished. Two other NPCs (the more mysterious ones) have been introduced as has the main villain. I think many people will find the first nightmare-area quite impressive and I also think many people will be disturbed of how the main villain acts and thinks. At least that's what I feel. :D

Next I'll be doing a chat scene with the different main companions/characters in the module that will eventually lead to the beginning of a disaster-scene and eventually the beginning of a chase-scene. :P

I've also had thoughts of doing a short humour-module for NWN1 as well. I've had thoughts of perhaps doing it during the same time as I create Insania Fabula but I may also choose to create it later on. It'll be a lot more light-hearted module with occasional dramatic themes. And probably feature a romance or two as well. ;)

That's all for now folks.

Berra out.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Areas Finished

I've made quite a bit of progress today/tonight. The two first areas of the module are finished and three of the mod's NPC's has been introduced. So you could also say that the module's introduction is finished as well because the next thing I'll be doing will be the beginning of the ... scary stuff. ;)

I've decided to feature the detective-approach I mentioned in earlier posts but I simply can't avoid to include Silent Hill-inspired elements, in other words; to include an evil paralell world of the current world. But I think players who has finished/played my Surviving Horror series will be satisfied with what I'll come up with.

Some other news are that I will be including hak-files like Chandigar's Gothic Estates to stay true to my prime-inspiration; the Resident Evil series. :D And as far as I know, this hak hasn't been included in any modules so far. I'll also be including Some_ux's Boat's and probably the Airships made by the same author.

I might include some screenshots of the NPC's and scenes from the mod later but only if my readers think I should. ;)

So, watcha' think?

Berra out.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Current Name for New Module

I came up with a name for my latest module this weekend. I usally start to create a module first when doing a new module before actually coming up with a name for the story. Though sometimes it's easier to find out the name first. That differs a little. In any case, my latest module is going to be called (if I don't decide to change it later): Insania Fabula.

What does that mean, you say? Well, it's latin and basically means "Insanity Story". I've chosen that name since the main theme for the story is going to be "insanity" and basically also because the player-character will be telling the story during the course of the game. To avoid the risk of spoiling the story, I won't be telling you more than that. But as of now, I feel pretty satisfied with what I have come up with. And that's always good. :)

On a side note - I've just started another blog that is dedicated to the artwork I have created during a few years. This blog is called "Berra's Artwork & Photo Blog" and the link can be found at the top of this page. Hope to see you there as well. :)

Berra out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Module Production: Up & Down / NEW MOVIE

As you may understand by the title, module work has gone up and down the latest days. I've still not been completely satisfied with my story ideas. Instead of doing a "final fantasy" module I decided to go back to horror, my favorite theme I might add, which I thought would be a lot more fun.

The latest predicament is that I've been juggling thoughts about if I want to include magic or do a module completely without it. And I think the latter will be more appropriate though occasionally unexplained events will occur that will have a perfect natural-explanation later. I'm not completely sure yet but this is what I've come up with so far.

I think I've managed to find a pretty good story idea now that manages to feel pretty good. The main theme I've come up with for now is more like a "detective-approach" with occasional survival horror. I'm also thinking of including my "run-or-die" concept in this latest module as well though I might tweak it a bit to make it more realistic. Somehow. :D

I think that'll do but don't take my word for it yet since it may still change if I come up with something better.

The other part of my titel says "NEW MOVIE". What movie, you say? Well, perhaps some of you have watched Silent Hill: Darkness or SH: Horrid Truth on YouTube? Those are fan-movies I've made that are heavily inspired by Silent Hill. I've recently done a new one that I call "Silent Hill: Executioners". I personally see this movie as my best movie-work to date. I'll give you the links here:

SH: Executioners (1/2)

SH: Executioners (2/2)

Hope you'll enjoy.

Berra out.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Berra's NWN Blog LAUNCHED!

Hello again everybody. This is my new blog for my future as well as past NWN modules. You will still be able to view Berra's Live Journal but it will not be updated anymore. So if you want the latest news be sure to bookmark this page and return once in a while.

To celebrate the release of my new blog I'll share some screenshots with you from Angelic Life, the NWN1 project I later decided to abandon. But I thought that you should at least have the opportunity to see them. They feature the henchmen from the game.

I am currently creating a new horror module for NWN1 instead of keeping on working with Angelic Life. Be sure to check back for more news about it. :)

Berra out.


Character names from left to right: Amora (Butterfly-race), Cattis (Cat-humaniod), Lorenzo (Half-Dragon), Cornelius (Gnome), Lenna (Human).

Berra's NWN Blog-Archive